Marchment Hill Consulting has a strong corporate culture of openness, honesty, mutual trust, respect and integrity. We work closely with our consultants to identify and address their individual development needs in order to support their career progression through the firm.

We are a top-quality boutique management consultancy focused on serving the needs of the energy and water sectors and working at the cutting edge of industry change.

We help our clients (both established market players and new entrants) thrive in a rapidly changing landscape where customer choice, disruptive technologies and environmental concerns are transforming traditional industry norms. We value our role as independent advisers.

Our consultants have worked for over 200 clients around the globe and are known for:

  • The quality of our insight
  • The internal support we generate for change
  • The way we work with our clients to implement solutions and deliver measurable value.

Marchment Hill is continually seeking outstanding individuals to join their team. We look for people experienced in consulting, or from within the industries we serve.

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