Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) brings deep knowledge of all aspects of the water industry, including wholesale and retail businesses, governance, markets and regulation, and private sector participation. Our water sector experts understand the industry pressures for increased customer empowerment, productivity and efficiency, and funding for growth and renewal. These pressures are accompanied by fresh challenges, such as climate change, technology advances and long-run service affordability.

We deliver engagements of varying scope and scale for urban, regional and rural businesses, ranging from short and sharp strategy work to major efficiency reviews.

Wholesale water businesses face some of the toughest and most fundamental decisions of the entire water value chain. Deciding to ‘make do with the water we have’ drives a strenuous discussion of rights, entitlements and enforcement, whereas ‘manufacturing or recycling water for customers who can afford it’ moves the debate to consideration of pricing, social equity and environmental impacts. MHC understands the tension between planning for reliable water supplies under uncertainty, containing costs and setting prices. MHC’s expert team is experienced in the design of market-based instruments to simultaneously increase system productivity while enabling customer flexibility and choice.

Water systems require substantial expansion and augmentation to cater for anticipated population growth in major urban areas.  MHC understands how distributed systems, intelligent networks and smart water metering technologies contribute to demand management and prudent service augmentation planning. Our deep industry knowledge helps integrate the opportunities of emerging technology, regulatory and institutional arrangements, including pricing, with operations and service delivery considerations.

Water retailers bear the brunt of public and regulatory pressure to improve the customer experience, maintain service levels and reduce risks and costs. Our team has substantial experience in process design and redesign, process benchmarking and strategic sourcing. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to develop strategic initiatives that complement their preferred business future. Our proven methods and tools support a wide range of solutions, for example, from internally driven excellence initiatives through to outsourcing.

Our Clients

Marchment Hill Consulting has worked for clients around the globe, including the following companies:

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company
Abu Dhabi Sewerage Company
Allconnex Water

Barwon Water
Ben Lomond Water
Brisbane City Council Water Distribution

Central Highlands Water
City West Water
Coliban Water
Council of Mayors (South East Queensland)
Cradle Mountain Water

Gippsland Water
Gladstone Area Water Board
Goulburn Valley Water

Haya Water
Hobart Water
Hong Kong Water Supplies Department
Hydro Tasmania

International Water Association (IWA)


Melbourne Water

Oman Wastewater Services Company

Power and Water Corporation

Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management
Queensland Water Commission
Queensland Urban Utilities

SA Water
South East Queensland Distribution Entity (Interim)
South East Water Limited
Southern Rural Water
Southern Water
Sydney Water

Tasmanian Department of Treasury and Finance
Thiess Services


Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment
Victorian Water Trust

Wannon Water
Water Corporation
Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA)
Westernport Water
Wide Bay Water Corporation

Yarra Valley Water

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