Asset Management

In MHC's view, the role that energy networks in Australia plays needs to adapt fast in the face of a significant array of challenges, ranging from increased two-way energy flows due to renewable energy and the rise of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) at the fringe of the grid, through to grid-scale storage and emergence of Stand-Alone Power Systems (SAPS) and microgrids. The days of being a passive market participant are behind us. Networks now (both distribution and transmission) need to play a far more active and enabling role to unlock the features of the future of the energy market – for example the aggregation of customer batteries and other DER into Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), or the rollout and management of SAPS to customers at the grid edge.

Ensuring that the Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) caters to this changing environment is crucial not just for our clients but for all stakeholders: shareholders, customers, regulators, policy makers, industry groups, land owners, employees and the general public.

Our experience in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) including DERs, Grid Energy Storage, Remote SAPs and Microgrids extends to over two decades of hands-on industry and consulting experience, through planning, design, implementation and continuous improvement of EAM frameworks and strategies.

Our methodology is a tried and tested approach that establishes process to convert the organisational objectives into asset management objectives with consideration to stakeholder engagement and strategic alignment with other corporate plans. We test whether there is clear demonstration of line of sight from customer service outcomes to customer service objectives, how SAMP documents supports and delivers these (at a strategic, tactical and operational level), and how all this fits within the EAM umbrella.   

At all times throughout the engagement, we keep abreast of key drivers (local and international) that impact the EAM futures roadmap, ensuring integrated thinking, which would result in outcomes that are robust, repeatable and defendable – see a snapshot of our integrated thinking approach depicted below

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