Organisation Development

Energy and water businesses operate in complex environments, where industry and organisational structures must complement regulatory, institutional and customer arrangements. Multiple industry reviews and structural reforms provide a context for future change. Utilities must refresh their organisational construct to accommodate shifts in government requirements and the imperatives of technological advances. Energy and water businesses also play a vital role in the communities within which they operate.

Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) has an extensive track record in helping energy and water businesses to develop, assess and implement optimal organisational arrangements.



Our service offerings include:

Organisational diagnostic – assessment of current organisational performance and any changes required to optimise performance  

Organisation design – development of organisational architecture appropriate to deliver strategic objectives within relevant competitive environment  

Operating model design and delivery – implementation of operational models to ensure alignment between operation and strategy  

Performance management framework – frameworks to optimise performance at an organisation, functional, and team level, as well as in relation to individual team members

KPI design and implementation – development of strategic metrics to facilitate communication, stakeholder buy-in, and superior performance outcomes  

Restructure and workforce planning – planning, implementation, and review of organisational structure to align with strategic objectives and optimise performance   


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