Performance Optimisation

Rising input costs, more competitive industry structures and lower pricing have placed increasing emphasis on efficiency and productivity for energy and water businesses. Processes, procurement, and asset management provide opportunities to improve competitive performance. Through review and benchmarking, it is possible to deliver measurable uplift in performance at organisational, team, and individual levels.

Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) brings proven methodologies to work with our clients on the development and implementation of improvements in performance.

Our service offerings include:

Efficiency and effectiveness review – assessment of performance outputs against delivery objectives to gauge quality management within the organisation   

Process optimisation – benchmarking, mapping, and redesign of processes to improve output delivery within and across teams   

Strategic asset management – development of frameworks to guide asset investment planning and management to align with strategic objectives  

Industry and company benchmarking – assessment of organisational delivery in relation to relevant comparisons at company and industry levels  

Procurement strategy – development and implementation of appropriate strategies for secure and cost-effective sourcing of critical business inputs    

Our clients include:



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