Policy and Regulation

Set against a backdrop of rapidly changing technology, the need to reduce emissions, and ongoing pressure to reduce costs while ensuring reliability, the Australian policy and regulatory landscape has never been more in focus, nor more crucial to enabling the best possible outcomes for customers of the energy system.

Since its formation nearly 14 years ago MHC has worked with many players in the market, although never explicitly offering policy and regulatory services, until now. MHC Policy and Regulation will provide a range of services.

Our service offerings include:

Policy development – energy market policy specifically in relation to the integration of both large and small-scale renewables into the power system

Analysis and modelling - financial and economic models in relation to policy and regulatory changes, particularly modelling of distributed energy markets and resources

Regulatory reforms and reviews – support for regulators via insights into international regulation and policy approaches and their possible application to the Australian context

Public positioning – assessment of risks and opportunities associated with public or private submissions to regulatory reviews and rule change consultations

Consultation response – support for market stakeholders via strategic response and executive decision making in relation to new policies and regulation

Stakeholder assessment – mapping of Australian regulatory landscape and critical stakeholders to assist in formulating policy strategy and prioritisation of objectives

Our clients include:




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