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Energy and Water businesses work with a layer of complexity beyond normal commercial pressures. Multi-faceted stakeholder relationships, regulatory and public scrutiny and ongoing industry structural and technological change all intersect. Effective strategic thinking is therefore critical to long-term financial and operational success in these dynamic sectors.

Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) is dedicated to helping businesses in these industries to make and implement the right strategic decisions. Our clients benefit from our content-rich analysis, deep industry insights and robust methodologies as they set the future path for their organisations.

MHC is also at the forefront of innovation in the energy and water sectors. In energy we specialise in the emerging technologies and business models and market processes supporting distributed energy resources such as solar PV systems, battery storage, demand response technology, and electric vehicles. In water, MHC is a leader in intelligent water networks and the transition to digital water utilities. This includes MHC’s Digital Metering and Intelligent Water Network Business Case Model which has been developed in conjunction with several water authorities across Australia.

Our service offerings include:

Business unit and corporate strategy – assistance in formulating strategic direction and implementation process   

Funding application support – preparation of applications for funding from government agencies e.g. ARENA, CEFC, state government auctions

Innovation project design, delivery, and knowledge sharing – up front and ongoing support to obtain government funding and meet conditions of funding, including knowledge sharing reports

Business case development and resourcing strategy – assistance in strategic planning around new and disruptive technologies  

Market analysis – assessment of entry or expansion strategy and analysis of geographical and policy variations    

Innovative process facilitation and support – assessment, planning and implementation to deliver optimum processes and achieve strategic objectives   

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Our clients include:

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