Transaction Support

Governments require additional capital to fund necessary infrastructure expansion and replacement programs. Asset recycling, privatisation and public-private arrangements attract alternative sources of funding to meet government needs and support economic growth.

Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) has participated in many recent transactions, assisting both buy and sell side parties. The target entities in our transaction support engagements have featured a wide range of profiles from large government-owned utilities undergoing privatisation processes to privately-owned contractors being acquired by larger firms or investment funds.

Our service offerings include:

Commercial transaction analysis – due diligence assisting buy side or sell side across a range of transactions within energy and water sectors    

Capital raisings communications – assistance developing and drafting Information Memoranda and other documentation to support capital raising and market communications    

Core value and risk assessment – qualitative and quantitative analysis of target entity to assess corporate alignment and suitability of risk profile   

Growth projections – assessment of forecast performance or business units and revenue streams across established and emerging markets  

Strategy validation – testing of strategic business case across various market and regulatory development scenarios  

Target assessment and selection – development of acquisition business case based on existing and emerging market development across various scenarios  

Contact our Transaction Support Service Leader Ryan Wavish.

Our clients include:


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