City West Water Conduct ISO 55001 Alignment Review

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Recent Engagement: City West Water was preparing for the 2016 Asset Management Customer Value (AMCV) study, to be conducted by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). The context of the program had been recently reviewed and modified to align with the requirements of ISO 55001.

City West Water engaged Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) to assess their alignment with ISO 55001 and develop an action plan to close gaps. It was also felt that this review would help them prepare for their involvement in the WSAA program.

MHC identified current gaps to ISO 55001 and created an Action Plan for their closure. The approach consisted of four key steps:

  1. Document review
  2. Assessment of current state against alignment requirements and development of recommendations
  3. Development of a report of the findings
  4. Presentation and discussion of results and recommendations.

In order to assess alignment against the standard, MHC developed an Excel-based ISO 55001 Review Framework which related the standard’s clauses and subclauses to specific artefacts required for a water utility’s Asset Management System. These artefacts mainly related to asset management leadership, roles and accountabilities, objectives, policies, strategies, plans and information systems.

A number of interviews were held with stakeholders involved in the delivery of asset management. Through a series of questions and sighting of specific artefacts, information was collected for identifying alignment with ISO 55001, the gaps, and strategies to close these gaps.

The report highlighted the areas of alignment with ISO 55001, the areas of non-alignment, or gaps, and several prioritised recommendations for addressing the areas of non-alignment.

An important output for the report was a graphical representation of the degree of alignment of City West Water against the different clauses and sub-clauses of ISO 55001, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 (note that the values shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual performance). These results, shown at the clause and sub-clause level, are separated into three categories – depending on the importance of artefact reviewed – where:

  • C = mandatory artefact requirement for compliance
  • E = evidence artefact that would demonstrate compliance, and
  • S = evidence artefact that would generally support compliance.

QSI 17-Water-RE-ISO55001 Compliance Review-fig1

Figure 1: Example of summary output highlighting overall alignment to ISO 55001


QSI 17-Water-RE-ISO55001 Compliance Review-fig2

Figure 2: Example of summary output highlighting alignment to Clause 4 of ISO 55001

City West Water gained an understanding of their strengths and weakness in relation to the various clauses of the ISO 55001 standard. A prioritised series of recommendations for addressing the areas of non-alignment to ISO 55001 provided focus for achieving better alignment to this standard.

Most importantly, the engagement raised the profile of asset management across the organisation and the importance of the Asset Management System to successfully delivering this function. A further benefit was understanding the critical part that leadership, roles and accountabilities has in leading, promoting, communicating, reviewing and continuously improving the Asset Management System.

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