Executive Structure Health Check – reflections and insights for organisational improvements

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Recent Engagement: Our client’s organisation, while understanding there were no fundamental flaws, issues or concerns with the current organisational structure and operations, sought the assistance of Marchment Hill Consulting (MHC) to conduct a short, high-level review into the suitability of the current organisational structure.

The review considered company priorities, emerging trends and developments, opportunities to leverage functional synergies, potential requirements for new capabilities and governance.

MHC utilised our proven three-phased Organisational Diagnostic Methodology. This involved an interactive approach with key stakeholder engagement consisting of the following phases:

  • Phase 1 – Establishing business context
  • Phase 2 – Conduct analysis and develop findings, and
  • Phase 3 – Discussing findings and developing recommendations.

Supporting this, an investigative hypothesis-based approach was developed through both initial meetings with the CEO and high-level analysis of key organisational data, to guide meetings and address initial observations made by MHC. The Executive Structure Health Check involved a number of one-on-one meetings with the CEO, each executive manager, and a selection of subordinate managers.

The final report provided our client with an insightful, independent view of organisational governance arrangements, elements of organisational drift, span of control arrangements, business culture concerns and comments on strategic foundations.

MHC provided five conceptual restructure options – including rationale, pros and cons – allowing for the CEO to visualise potential models for achieving current strategic priorities. MHC also developed a set of recommendations supported by a high-level implementation plan.

On delivery of the final report, MHC prepared and delivered a presentation to communicate observations, findings, recommendation and next steps to the leadership team. The observations, findings and recommendations provided our client with business insights from across the executive team and an independent view of organisational challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Following acceptance of the final report, our client has endorsed the recommendations and used them to create a clear platform to initiate targeted improvement. MHC has been re-engaged to support the client through the implementation of these improvements.

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