Sharing the engagement journey

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MHC works collaboratively with our clients to tease out problems and propose viable solutions. This collaboration extends into the hard work of implementation – where more and more stakeholders need to become involved and take ownership of the change and ongoing operations. During this time, the senior leadership team needs to stay across each implementation step, and to understand who has been consulted and what has resulted.

MHC’s project management compendium(1) builds an implementation plan in a form that helps our clients take ownership of the implementation effort, engaging relevant internal participants in each facet of the required change.

A recent engagement challenged us to develop a new tool to keep our client’s senior leadership team updated on the progress of the project. The essence of the challenge is to keep several busy people informed in a concise, accessible and comprehensive way. We have developed an interactive infographic to meet this need.

The Journey Infographic provides:

  • A complete record of all the key steps in the project
  • Simple one-click summaries of each step enabling clients to identify steps they are most interested in
  • Embedded attachments within each step enabling clients to ‘drill down’ for full detail
  • Updates with ‘new’ steps highlighted, maintaining the complete record.

QSI 17-Water-Article-Sharing the Engagement Journey-fig1

Figure 1: Features of the Journey Infographic

As implementation gets underway, MHC’s collaborative approach means we need to expand and build senior level client involvement to guide and support the broader employee engagement and ownership required for beneficial change. Traditional approaches for this are too slow and cumbersome. The Journey Infographic allows a whole team of busy senior executives to stay abreast of implementation and ‘in sync’.

We are excited at the potential for this simple tool. Already it has made partnering with our clients easier, saving time and focusing our combined efforts on ‘what’s next’ in the journey to create new value.

(1) QSI 16: Implementation with integrity

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