MHC hosts CEDA event: Optimising Victoria’s Water Network

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MHC News: On 16th March 2016, Marchment Hill Consulting sponsored a CEDA event at the Park Hyatt Hotel, on the subject of Optimising Victoria’s Water Network. The event was hosted by Paul Harris, MHC’s Principal Consultant and Water Industry Leader.

The event featured two speakers: the Hon. John Thwaites (Chairman for Melbourne Water) and the Hon. Lisa Neville MP (Victorian Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water). The event’s main focus was outlining the development of Victoria’s water policy and the framework for optimising the state’s water grid to deliver better economic, social and environmental outcomes for the community. The event provided an opportunity for members of Victoria’s water industry to discuss their thoughts and expectations regarding the new Water Plan.

QSI 18-MHC Hosts CEDA Water Event-photo-1

Photo 1: Registration prior to CEDA lunch (Source: CEDA website)

The first speaker, Professor Thwaites, discussed Melbourne’s successful customer behaviour change campaign during the millennium drought, which helped maintain the metropolis’ water storage, despite severe conditions.

QSI 18-MHC Hosts CEDA Water Event-photo-2

Photo 2: Professor John Thwaites opening the CEDA event (Source: Melbourne Water, Twitter @MelbourneWater)

Professor Thwaites’ presentation set a historical precedence for the Hon. Lisa Neville’s keynote, who provided insights on the recently released discussion paper for Victoria’s upcoming Water Plan. Given the current drought conditions and water shortages across Victoria, the Minister focused her talk on the need for state infrastructure and policies to ensure water supply during these challenging conditions. A comment was made regarding an order placed on the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant, which will help supply an additional 50 GL of water to the state next year. The Minister emphasised the need to complement this alternate water source with efficiency initiatives, to ensure optimal water use.

QSI 18-MHC Hosts CEDA Water Event-photo-3

Photo 3: The Hon. Lisa Neville speaking about Victoria’s Water Plan. Paul Harris later moderated a discussion forum with the Minister (Source: CEDA Website)

The event was a huge success with over 400 Water Industry professionals in attendance, who were actively engaged in the discussion of the future of the state’s policy and network.

QSI 18-MHC Hosts CEDA Water Event-photo-4

Photo 4: Full house with over 400 Water Industry attendees at CEDA event (Source: CEDA website)

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