MHC presenting at Energy Networks 2016 conference in Adelaide, May 18-20

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MHC News: With the growth in demand, availability of a range of distributed energy resources and growing engagement by customers in the energy supply process, customer behaviour will undoubtedly shape the future electricity industry. It is no surprise then, that network businesses are currently looking at ways to develop or strengthen their links to customers.

Marchment Hill Consulting’s (MHC) will be presenting our latest thinking on this topic, including what it really means for a network service provider to be customer-centric and a summary of international case studies featuring real life, practical, innovative, best practice and effective approaches to customer engagement.

“The Energy Networks Conference is always a fantastic event for the industry and MHC is really proud to be presenting. We believe there are some fundamental lessons emerging from international markets to support the transition to a more customer-focused electricity supply system and we are looking forward to sharing our thoughts on this.”

MHC has further authored two key research reports, which will be presented as posters at the conference venue:

We look forward to seeing you there.

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