deX: A-Lab’s first experiment hits the press

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MHC News: For the last 12 months, MHC has been working with ARENA to develop and implement A-Lab and we are really proud that the first experiments are now emerging from this innovation lab.

The decentralised energy exchange (deX) is a world first in that it provides a market platform which allows households and businesses to trade the grid services their batteries and rooftop solar can provide with their local network operators. This concept has enormous potential to unlock the value of distributed energy resources for customers and support a more efficient electricity supply system.

The deX experiment also represents the collaborative approach of A-Lab with a huge team of participating industry partners including GreenSync, Reposit Power, Mojo Power, United Energy, ActewAGL, Australian National University, and the ACT and Victorian Governments. The pilot will initially be carried out in two locations in the ACT and Victoria.

News of the deX made waves in the media, with its launch getting significant coverage in the Australian Financial Review, The Guardian, RenewEconomy amongst others.

ActewAGL will be piloting deX with batteries deployed in the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Program. The trial will demonstrate how market-integrated batteries can address grid constraints on segments of the network with very high levels of solar PV.

United Energy will be piloting deX in the lower Mornington Peninsula, which is forecast to experience network constraints caused by peak summer demand.

Read more about the deX and the A-Lab’s role in its creation here.