Renewables Integration Stocktake launched online

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Over the past few years MHC has worked with ARENA and Energy Networks Australia to develop Australia’s most advanced database of Australian and international renewable energy grid integration projects to support innovation in Australia’s energy system.

While our report on this work has been available for some time,  the Renewables Integration Stocktake is now an online, exportable database that currently catalogues 233 projects that add to Australia’s collective knowledge and experience of integrating renewable energy into electricity networks.

Marchment Hill Consulting worked extensively on the database along with our international partners at VaasaETT, said it was great to see this resource in such a user friendly format.

“We encourage all project proponents and industry stakeholders to take advantage of the new Renewables Integration stocktake online database which allows for real time submission of grid-connected renewable energy projects, and advanced search features”, MHC said.

The Renewables Integration Stocktake database and analysis can be accessed here.