MHC projects in the news

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MHC has been busy working with its clients on a number of innovative and industry leading projects, supporting the transition of the electricity system to a more sustainable, affordable and reliable future. Some of these projects have recently been highlighted in the media and we are proud to share our involvement behind the scenes. 

1.Simply Energy’s Virtual Power Plant in South Australia

MHC supported Simply Energy and a team of collaborators including GreenSync, Tesla, SA Power Networks and Flex to secure $7.7m in ARENA funding for a virtual power plant trial in South Australia. The VPP will be the first of its kind to utilise GreenSync’s “deX” platform at a commercial scale. It will enable customers to use their batteries to access multiple value streams, while enhancing the visibility and operation of the network for SAPN. In addition to supporting the team through the ARENA funding process, MHC has an ongoing role in the project as the knowledge sharing partner and chair of the project’s reference group.

This project was officially launched by Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg on Wednesday 18th March.

2.DC Power’s crowd- source funding campaign to create a new energy retailer

DC Power Co. are an innovative start-up raising capital through a crowd-source funding campaign to launch a new electricity retailer focussed on serving the needs of solar PV owners. Their campaign aims to attract over 35,000 investors which could then be converted to customers to provide the foundation for a substantial new player in the energy retail market.  The crowd funding campaign kicked off in late February and has so far attracted over 11,000 investors and raised over $875k, making it the world’s largest ever crowd sourced equity launch of a new business. It has featured widely across the mainstream media including the article below from the Sydney Morning Herald.

MHC supported DC Power Co. in their efforts to secure $750k in funding from ARENA and has an ongoing role as the DC Power’s knowledge sharing partner.

3.Yurika Energy’s Virtual Power Plant

MHC recently supported GreenSync and Energy Queensland to design and implement a virtual power plant for Energy Queensland’s new non-regulated business – Yurika Energy. The virtual power plant aims to be the biggest in Australia by capacity and recently took a big step on that path by signing large energy users Sun Metals and MSF Sugar as foundation partners. MHC supported the development of the business case, the implementation of GreenSync’s cloud based energy management system and the development of business processes to support the VPP’s back office functions.