MHC and Isle Utilities deliver Energy TAG Event

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As part of its integration with merger partner Isle Utilities, members of the Marchment Hill team supported their very first Isle TAG event in Melbourne in May. The event, which showcased the growing intersection between the energy and water sectors, focussed on emerging technologies that reduce water utilities energy consumption and emissions.  The event highlighted how Isle and MHC will work together to best service our clients in both the water and energy industries.

What is a Technology Approval Group (TAG)?

The Australian Water TAG forum is run in partnership with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). The TAG forum provides an innovation platform to evaluate emerging technologies, share best practice and collaborate on technology trials with the TAG member base, which currently consists of thirty of Australia’s largest urban water utilities.

Over the last 12 months, over 200 technologies have been assessed through TAG with five technologies selected to pitch in front of Isle members every quarter. Around 70% of technologies that present at TAG move forward with either trials, demonstrations or further research.

A taste of the innovation: Infinite Water – Hydroxon

One of the technologies presented at TAG was Infinite Water Hydroxon product. In technical terms the product is a low cost and low energy catalytic oxidation process that forgoes ozone and high energy consumption by using catalytic processes that mimic natural metabolic processes. In simpler terms, the product helps to remove metals and other dissolved chemicals from ground and surface water treatment in a low cost, low energy, and high GHG saving manner. This is just one of the many technologies pitched to utilities on the day. All the technologies assessed by Isle are accessible through their online database.

To gain access to the comprehensive technology database or to get involved in the next TAG event in your city please contact Paul at MHC,